A Milestone Birthday…and here is my gift

It’s birthday time! My lovely twin nieces turned 18 today, and what a joy it has been to see them blossom into elegant young women. As a part of their 18th birthday celebration, we decided to put together a milestone birthday shoot.

We kicked off the shoot with the girls pulling a currently-in-vogue-not-so-happy-look that usually makes the cover of many many high profile magazines. I am going to print this too..who knows how it will look when they are 80…all vintagy and scratchy…just like the filters the young ones add to all their photos :)

teen twin portraits-.jpg

Then something happened and the girls became their usual giggly self. Here’s what unfolded later:

teen twin portraits--2.jpg
teen twin portraits--4.jpg
teen twin portraits--5.jpg
teen twin portraits--6.jpg
teen twin portraits--7.jpg

An album full of fun birthday moments and a spectacular wall art that will always adorn the walls of their home, they will soon be leaving.

teen twin portraits--3.jpg

Senior Prom memories. Soon they will go their separate ways but they will always hold hands and will always have each other’s backs.

teen twin portraits--9.jpg
And off course I have to get into a picture with them too…

And off course I have to get into a picture with them too…

These pictures are memories that will be cherished for many years to come! Do you know someone whose milestone birthday is coming up? DM us to plan a very special milestone birthday shoot with us.

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