Can anyone prove I existed?

There is about 15 or so years of my life where I hid behind the camera.  Rarely ever came in front of it. Did I really exist? Is there proof? 

Was it the stress, was it the bad diet, was it the lack of exercise? Perhaps it was none of that which made me overweight in my body. It was the weight  in my mind. The pounds I carried in my mind were the reason why I didn’t feel and never looked good to myself. 

By the time I got around to being in love with myself, my children had grown from babies to young adults.   And so you will only find me in a rare photo like this.


I can look back and wish for a do over. However, I cannot and want not: a do over.  Instead I can be present and take moments to capture my grown children and me.  In silly moments captured on our phones or as formal portraits. I cherish every one of them.  I do not care if I look a certain way anymore.  In fact the lady who does my eyebrows did mention how I have been visiting her less frequently! 

Our life has been crazy for the past year or two.  One of the many challenges include being spread out over three cities. But we are also grateful for many daily blessings. It has been especially hard calendar wise to create a family portrait (If my kids are reading this, they may want to take a hint and book a session with me!).  

Instead of waiting for the perfect moment to be planned, I ended up with a separate session with each of my kids. They are done two years apart.  I am learning to take my blessings as they come. Carpe diem. 

This Mother’s Day and every day of the year my wish is for you to seize the day! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, aunts who are like moms, mother-figures in your life, sisters who are like moms, even best friends who love and mother you. Motherhood goes beyond birthing. If I can help create beautiful portraits for you and your mother by seizing a day, I am here for you.  

You can see how our moms shine here:

Photos of Kapu and Meghnee by Randi Dickson of Dreamkeeper Portraits 

Photos of Kapu and Lakshay by Aparna Padhye of kapuPatel Photography.