Channeling Audrey

“The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” - Audrey Hepburn

The Audrey photo shoot was so much fun! We went the whole mile - there were pearls, there was the long ciggie, the gloves, the black dress, the retro shades. There was The breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey music in the background and most importantly there were lots of giggles! As the music played, as Susan swayed to the music, slowly and playfully she transformed into Audrey! My mission as a photographer was to capture the very essence of her dream, her vision and make it a reality for her and the portraits say it all.

Here are Susan’s words on her experience channeling Audrey and her experience on working with us:

For someone who truly despises having her photo taken, deciding on doing a You Shine shoot with Kapu and her team was terrifying.  In fact, after booking our date, I nearly canceled...twice. I am beyond grateful that I didn’t. I have been a long time admirer of Audrey Hepburn for both her grace as well as for her outlook on life -- (that “laughter is the best calorie burner and happy girls are the prettiest girls”) -- and I asked Kapu if we could recreate some of the most famous Hepburn photos. Naturally, Kapu was ecstatic about the idea, and her “wheels” started turning immediately.  She began researching everything from hair, make-up and wardrobe, to vintage Audrey Hepburn photos, to how to create our perfect “set.” She even went so far as to have the soundtrack from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s playing in the background on the day of our shoot.

From the second I stepped into Kapu’s studio to the very end when she was helping me load my car, I felt astonishingly comfortable and at ease.  (Two emotions I rarely feel in front of a camera). Kapu’s attention to the smallest of details made the transition from a sneaker-and-ponytail-clad personal trainer to a glamorous, old-Hollywood icon not only seamless, but so much fun!  And if Kapu’s preparation for this session wasn’t impressive enough, the true magic of her talent happens the moment she steps behind her lense. She is razor focused on every detail -- every ray of light, head tilt, body/hand position, prop, shirt wrinkle, facial expression, smile, smirk, wink -- Kapu misses nothing.  And the finished product - the most exquisite portraits - are nothing short of astonishing. All while making the entire process feel like an afternoon spent chatting and laughing with a dear friend, instead of a photo shoot. Quite simply, Kapu is a genius of her craft. Since I could never adequately express how privileged I feel for having this experience, my portraits will tell the story; as in this case, a picture truly is worth 1,000 words. Thank you Kapu, Aparna and Amanda for an incredible experience I will cherish forever, and especially for transforming this middle aged, “plain Jane” into one of the most stunning icons in the world.” - Susan

Do you have a dream of channeling or recreating your favorite idol, a favorite painting or even a piece of heritage heirloom, that you would like to be photographed with? DM me, let’s chat and let’s bring your vision to life.