Headshots weigh more than coffee mugs and socks!

We hear most of you complain about finding the perfect gift for the man/men in your lives. Are you tired of gifting socks and coffee mugs? Are you tired of seeing a fake excited “thank you” from the men in your life over your gift? We are here to tell you that gifting a Headshot / Branding Portrait is a gift that weighs a lot more than any other shelf gift.

As a loved one, do you think - your dad’s / partner’s / husband’s / man’s headshot is about him? Does it convey his confidence, his brand, and most importantly, his personality? Even if your man is not social media savvy, it is vital to bear in mind that the clients will first see him online. A casual picture of him taken ages ago, probably by you (no offence!) will never be a match against a professionally shot branding portrait in a studio with good lighting. A poorly lit, badly cropped headshot will make his brand look careless and lacking attention to detail.

At kapuPatel Photography, we do more than “click” your man’s headshot. We hand hold him through the entire Headshot and Branding portraiture that’s just right for his brand and him. Right from the step of understanding his business needs, his corporate look, his wardrobe choices, his posturing to making him look trustworthy, friendly and confident - it is all about him. We will empower him through his branding portraits. Actually no - YOU will empower him by gifting him the Headshot / Branding portraiture experience.


We do more than just Headshots. Here are some beautiful Branding portraits that we created:


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