Mothering and Daughtering

This Mother’s Day, we asked one of our lovely clients, Carrie, to share her thoughts on motherhood. Here’s what she had to say:

How would you like your children to look back on their childhood and think of you?

Loving and strong and encouraging. Thoughtful and present. That I came when they called and was a soft place to land. That I made mistakes and said I was sorry. That I laughed at myself.

Share with us your greatest joys of being a Mom and some of it’s hardest challenges.

Greatest joys: one of the greatest joys is witnessing as they discover new things and demonstrate the sheer delight on them. ‘Look, Mom!’ ‘Then I thought, maybe I can climb to the top of that tree and get the ball out myself and I DID!!' What a sacred space to have these discoveries shared and celebrated with me.

Hardest Challenges: Resisting the urge to fix or provide a numbing option for hard or painful experiences for my children. While I want to provide a soft place to land and a safe place to grapple and be vulnerable, if I solve their problems, they will miss out on the competence, confidence, and ultimately, the Hope that is created when my children live their challenges through. Hope is a function of struggle and without the struggle, they will not be hopeful. So I take deep breaths and remember my own Hope that they have every right to also cultivate. And I try to choose to See them and provide connection throughout their struggles.

Tell us about yourself, other than being a Mom.

I work to grow as a leader, a business woman, a wife, a reader, a learner, a compassionate and connecting human being.

What was it like being photographed by me?

As we are a giant family with many many complicated relationships and experiences, your genuine regard and compassionate connection was such a gift. You partnered with 16 individuals within 4 families to create such beautiful, legacy images of 1 family. We could collectively be ourselves and show up for each other in your session.