Shine Like A Diamond - A Contemporary Women's Portraiture Experience

Aishah Hunter is a woman who sparkles bright! Her laughter, her vivacious personality, her positive attitude and friendly warm personality just fills your heart. We had the best time working with her on her shoot. She did a YouShine Women’s Contemporary Portraiture photo shoot with us, and spent a good few hours spreading her good vibes in our studio. Not to mention, the crackling playlist that she had us swaying to the entire time! We did some Business Branding & Corporate Headshot looks for her as well as some glam cocktail portraits complete with evening gowns for her. Read below for some candid behind-the-scenes shots as well as her beautiful portraits.


Here are some of those candid in-between moments that’s a reminder of all the hard work (read fun!) we had during the shoot!

Aishah is a wife, a mother and is the co-founder of as well as a Relationship Coach who believes in the power of self-awareness and understanding your vision for your marriage. Aishah wanted some Corporate Headshots and some Business Branding shots for her website and here’s what we created for her:


And once the work shots were done, it was play time! Also translated as Beyonce time and evening gowns and cocktail time. Here are some of the glam shots we created for Aishah:


Did you like what you saw? Would you like to experience our YouShine Portraiture experience, or perhaps gift it to someone you love? Let’s chat about the look you want, let’s create your portfolio and make your vision of yourself a reality. DM us now, leave us a message and we will be in touch:

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