The Face Campaign

The Face Campaign 2018 marked the official debut of The YouShine Movement™ by KapuPatel Photography. 12 brave women were professionally photographed, completely make-up free. These women lit up in the portraits and described beauty in powerful words such as “confidence”, “showing up real”, and “inner self”.

Kapu’s vision is to take this movement far and wide and to spread this message of self-love and self-acceptance in every individual.

Scroll below to see the fabulous portraits of these 12 ladies and read their powerful words.




“Beauty is your inner shine, it is your inner Energy.

It is important for people to know that it’s the inner beauty, not what is on our face. We are all beautiful and make-up is just extra.”



“Beauty is the energy that comes to me. Part of me wanted to do this.

I want to be a role model for other women – especially the older women who feel they are becoming invisible.”



“Beauty is my soul, my heart, and me. Be nice, be humble, enjoy life, stay cool.

I love make-up a lot, but I wanted to challenge myself and wanted to see what magic Kapu can do.”



“Beauty is the way I am. I do not have to be somebody for somebody.

I signed up because of Kapu and Aparna. I showed up as my inner self.”



“Beauty is an art, our creativity.

I have done something for myself today and more importantly, I have done something for the community.”



“Beauty is the inner glow that comes from self confidence.

I wanted to walk the talk of courage for my kids. One day my kids will grow up and realize that their Mom did it. Happy girls are the prettiest! Beauty is the inner glow that comes from self confidence.”



“Beauty is inner peace of mind.

I was skeptical in the beginning but as the day got closer I got more comfortable.

I hope to inspire others to be comfortable in their own skin.”



“Beauty is happiness… like finding chocolate, or watching the sunset.

I thought of my Mom and her funda that beauty does not need any make-up. I wanted to be a part of the message that being happy, being confident is being beautiful.”



“Beauty is showing up real, just as I am with all the baggage; the worries, the hopes, the dreams.

The no make-up look appealed to me right away as I believe in showing up as your true self.

It was a great opportunity to show up as just me. I am: Romy!”



“Beauty is confidence.

I truly believe in this campaign and I wanted to be a part of the powerful message it promotes – the message of real beauty. The beauty that does not depend on outer appearances and standards that society decides for us.”



“Beauty is your behavior.

My daughter said there is a photoshoot and I am here.”



“Beauty is honesty, it is unfiltered.

In this country, there is a lot of body shaming and food shaming and I wanted to be a part of a campaign to support a message like this.”


See below the video on The Face Campaign:

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