The Technique and The Art of Photography

Orchestrating the right camera angle and lighting is Technique,

Capturing the spark and that right moment is an Art,

Creating timeless portraits with the two is my job!

Ever wondered how fabulous portraits are created? There is a lot that goes behind the scenes, and here is a sneak peek into some of those moments.


Below is a comparison between a raw image straight out of the camera vs a final finished Portrait. Most images out of the camera are pretty flat ie the colors are pale and details are lost. Your iPhone gives you a sharp image with saturated colors because the inherent software in the phone edits the image for you…and then off course you enhance it with filters (ooh another blog post on filters coming soon :)). As photographers, we shoot in a raw format…it basically means something similar to a negative from the old film days….and then each of us puts our owns starmp with editing the image in our own style.

We loved creating Tween Portraits for Molly, who was so much fun to work with! Below are rest of her beautiful portraits.

Do you have a Tween / Teen who would love to be photographed? Get in touch, DM us.

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