Portraits of Beauty: A Teen Perspective (The Teen Campaign)

“What makes you one of a kind beautiful?” This is the question that we asked 12 young teens (girls and boys). What they had to say will make even the most mature adult to re-think their own attitude and life’s perspectives. Powerful words like energy, confidence, smile filled up the shoot. These very bright bunch of teens sure know where in life they are headed.

The Teen Campaign 2019 follows in the footsteps of The Face Campaign 2018 that marked the official debut of The YouShine Movement™ by KapuPatel Photography.

Scroll below to see the fabulous portraits of these 12 teens and read their powerful words.




We start our lives in “observe and mimic” mode. We gain acceptance through conformity.

I continue to transform from just a girl with Alopecia to a change-maker who just happens to have Alopecia.



The "flaws" or "perceived flaws" are your unique qualities and what makes you, you! No one in the world will ever have my eyes or my eye color combination.



That's truly beautiful for someone to be able to have enough confidence to be able to go out of their comfort zone to create and do something that no one else has ever dared to create or do.



I am not afraid to smile or laugh. I love smiling, and I love laughing more. My smile almost gives me some type of superpower ability to overcome any hardship.



By being generous and helping others, you truly feel more beautiful all around. Every time I participate in community service or comfort a friend who is upset, I feel a sort of joy and beauty that no makeup can satisfy.



Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way.



In this world there are two types of beauty. Inner and outer beauty. They’re both very different but they’re both there.



Instead of saying that the thing that makes me one of a kind beautiful are my hazel eyes, I choose to think that it is my energy that causes my happiness and excitement to be contagious.



Beauty is simply how we view each other by the kindness and nurturing that we give to one another.



Beauty can be described as what lies beneath the surface of one’s self. Beauty is the kindness in my heart and selflessness in it.



The sun shines brighter every time I make someone laugh.

I am one of a kind beautiful for my humor. For my laugh. For my smile. You can make a difference in someone else’s life in just one moment.



My confidence is what makes me beautiful.

There is something beautiful about being able to overcome challenges. There is something beautiful about effort, about the climb.


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