Why schedule Senior Portraits, you ask?

Are you wondering why Senior Portraits are so important? Are you thinking as to why you should schedule a professional photographer to capture your Senior’s pictures? Are you discussing if it is even worth it? We are here to tell you just why.

Senior Portraits are important because this is the year they turn into an official legal adult, they learn to drive, they apply to colleges, they literally spread their wings and they get ready to fly out. In short - your Senior makes some of the most important life decisions in this one year! Read that again - your Senior makes some of the most important life decisions in this one year, at home with you guiding him/her personally! This is the best time of their life to capture their youthful innocence and their memorable last one year. The Senior Portraits capture your Senior’s personality, whether they like music, sports, theater, and their passions, hobbies etc. Whether they would like their photo shoot to be done indoor in the studio or on-location of their choice. They might want to make a memory bank of their favorite places to hang out before they leave home. The Senior Portraits will be a forever reminder to them of their favorite places and all the fun memories associated with those places.

Well these are the emotional reasons but now let’s talk about the practical uses of the Senior Portraits. You want Senior Portraits to send out for Graduation Party invites, to send out RSVP cards, thank you cards, to keep in the picture albums, to exchange and send out as keepsakes, to put in pretty picture frames.

Senior Portraits are the best way to document your Senior’s journey so far and to celebrate it! Here are some of the ways we shot Senior Portraits:


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