You Chose Me To Be Your Mom

This Mother’s Day, we asked one of our lovely repeat clients, Younok, to share her thoughts on motherhood. And to our surprise, those thoughts arrived as a beautiful, raw poem:

To my dear Claire and Alex,

I am forever grateful that you chose me to be your mom.

All I knew was to pursue what the society defined as success

Even after you were born

Many nights before my business trips you’d asked me

“Can you not go? Can you ask them to come to you instead?”

I did not realize how much you cried longing for my hugs and kisses

How hard it was for you to see me come home

Too exhausted and too occupied to give you a smile

You waited with your greatest patience

For me to realize how silly it was for me to chase a rainbow outside

When I already had two beautiful rainbows right here in my arms!

I am forever grateful that you chose me to be your mom.

Oh, how I love hugging you every day!

With every hugs and kisses, I remind myself

It is my greatest duty that I must serve well

To help you get ready

To fly out to the world 

To spread the gentleness of being humankind

I know I am tough on you

I demand a lot from you

And I know how hard you are trying

To do everything that are being asked of you

To be ready to fly out 

To spread the gentleness of being humankind.

I am forever grateful that you chose me to be your mom.

Life will feel hard

You will have many heartaches and disappointments

Please remember

I will always be there for you

In your golden heart

Sanctuary where you will regain your strength

To continue on flying and spreading all the greatness of being humankind.

And this is how you will discover 

That life truly is a beauty

Because of those struggles and heartbreakes

And the greatest love I have for you

And the greatest love you have for me.

For that 

I am forever grateful

Because you chose me to be your mom

The greatest gift one can ever receive from the whole universe!

Happy Yogi, West Windsor, NJ

This is what she has to say on her experience of working with Kapu over the years:

“We all have stories to tell, and Kapu does it so well that transcends our stories into beautiful photos. When I met Kapu, I had many stories I wanted to share but I did not know how. She spent a lot of time listening to my stories. She actually understood what my heart wanted to say that were beyond words.  She brings out the true you inside, through her camera, waiting to be discovered and celebrated.”