Celebrating family and the strength of those who came before us

“We have such a rich heritage - my mother holds in her hand a photograph of her Mom, my beautiful grandmother, Lynnette Dixon whose father, was a product of a Scottish slave owner and my great grandmother whose Arawak Indian lineage is indigenous to Jamaica. We bear the strength of our ancestors within our veins. These family photos are priceless of my parents, my children and my sister and her children. We celebrate family and the undeniable strength of those who came before us.” - Jeannette


No matter what old you are, you will always be your Mom’s baby! Cherish and celebrate family moments by creating timeless portraits this Mother’s Day. This is Maureen’s beautiful family that has all four generations together in one portrait. What else says Mother’s Day better than this? See below to see some of the candid moments we captured during the shoot.

This is the attention we give your Mom. No matter the age, the phase of life, show her the true celebrity that she is.

Celebrate your heritage this Mother’s Day with a beautiful legacy portrait. Make it a special one that you will look back fondly for years to come.

Four generations in one precious image.

Four generations in one precious image.