That soft scarf you reached for - doesn’t it remind you of the hugs of your parents or your children?

Wrapping your hands around a cup of Joe or hot chocolate brings a smile to face because you know your nest that just got empty will be filled soon during the October break or in Thanksgiving.

When you reach for that special Saree or the Cocktail dress for your holidays, you know everyone will be in that happy mood soon.

But wait…before you know it, you will be saying goodbye to them and the decorations will be coming down. Did you just say you have all those memories in your iPhone? Err….What? Phone pictures? That can’t be right, and we are here to tell you why! Those phone pics will keep getting back logged into the past and by May, we promise you, you will be scrolling up way lot before you find that beloved picture.

Now imagine this - you wake up in the morning and as you walk into your living area, you have a beautiful family portrait greeting you at the start of your day. As you walk back tired into your home after a long day at work, you have that family portrait smiling back at you, welcoming you back home. So this festive season, from Durga Pujo to Diwali, Thanksgiving to Christmas and Hannukah to Happy New Year, talk to us about our Fall Portraits for You and Your Loved Ones. The occasion and milestone can have many names but the essence is captured in only one word…LOVE!

Now start dreaming about beautiful Italian made wall art or desk to frame custom created just for you. You Be YOU, Leave The Rest To Me!

Talk to us about our Fall Family portraits which represent our Legacy Portraits that celebrate life’s milestones, generational spans, special birthdays, major life transitions and achievements. This experience is perfect for: 

  • Couples portraits,

  • Family portraits - for when families get together or when grandparents visit from out of town / out of country,

  • Those special Season portraits - to capture the best of our beautiful NJ Fall Colors,

  • Celebration of an event before the day itself (that takes off the pressure of the event itself and you are free to enjoy other things!). These are special moment images for a sweet 16, Quinceañera or Bat Mitzvah portraits,

  • And hey! Lets not forget "popping the question" moments! You will spend a sizable amount on the ring then why not invest less than half of it on capturing that "YES!" moment forever?

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Family Portraiture

"I wanted to document a time in our lives, a time when I saw my family evolving. I reflected on the fact that two of my children were now adults and my youngest was a teenager. Perhaps this was the end of the five of us living together. I wanted to find a photographer who would capture “us,” as well as a photo of my daughter as she was embarking on a career, and a photo of myself, no longer a young woman, but not yet feeling “old,” either!

When I went to the Reveal at the studio I was amazed to see so many prints that I loved! Your wall was a gallery exhibit of so many stunning photos it was hard to believe they were all of us!" - Diane

Family Portraiture

"We all live super busy lives. We are constantly on the go and taking the time out to do something fun like this photo shoot was so needed and special. Looking at these pictures brought tears to my eyes. It captured the goofiness, the happiness and the simplicity of our family.

Thank you so much for making it a personalized memory." - Parul

Family Portraiture