How To Prepare For Your Shoot - Family Portraiture


Family portraiture styling tips

Thank you so much for choosing me to create special memories for you.

Let me help you create your vision of these memories.

I would love to chat with you in person or on the phone to discuss our session. In the meantime, here are few pointers on how to prepare for it. I am also available to review wardrobe options for you.


• I would recommend a coordinated wardrobe but not completely matching. Typically start with the women and their accessories and then coordinate men around that.

Avoid busy patterns. If two of the men have stripes then that is plenty. Do not add another plaid to it.  For women, a fitted outfit is more complementary.

• Try and think timeless. After all this is an investment you are making and these would go on your walls so they should look contemporary all the time.

Check out wrinkles and stains (these are particularly noticeable in solids and tend to be exaggerated in hot/humid weather).

• Choose comfortable but complimentary shoes. If they are scuffed, remove scuff marks.

• I encourage women in particular to avoid sleeveless unless they are comfortable with their arms (family photos with their arms around each other speak beautifully and you will be posing such). Hair too tends to blow all over during outdoor shoots so try and set it with a spray and bring brush to touch up if need be. It will be hot so you may have sweat beads and a cloth napkin is helpful.

• Women should remove chipped nailpolish and either repaint the nails or keep them natural. Please remove all hairtyes from around your arms.

• During outdoor shoots in the park, whites tend to cast a greenish tinge on the olive skin tone so keep that in mind.

• If anyone wears glasses, we can take one of two approaches: take all photos without glasses OR please make sure that the glasses are throughly clean and are non reflective. Even though it is full daylight, we tend to use a flash and if the glasses are dirty, you will not be able to see their eyes. Please avoid Transition glasses.  If we are photographing indoors, strobes tend to reflect off of glasses and you will get a glare.


• Please arrive a few minutes before your shoot time.

• If we are budgeted for only 30 minutes, I want to ensure that we capture all the relevant groupings you want. Please call a day in advance with your preferences of the groupings you want.

Style of shoot:

• My style of shooting is casual posing. For those that are able to sit on the ground, I tend to pose sitting. For group shots with elderly, we will have them sit on a bench or stool and have you all sit/stand around them. You may want to prepare yourself and the kids accordingly.

• We will do posed shots first and then time permitting move on to casuals.

• Hugging, Kissing, Holding hands, Talking is what captures the connections. Prepare the group to be comfortable with that. Please visit our page to see some examples.

What to bring to the shoot:

• Bottled water, hairbrush, a hand napkin.

. A jacket, scarf to keep yourself warm as we are headed from place to place

. Comfortable shoes to walk in and carry the actual shoes with you

. Snacks for the kids if they get hungry (but keep them dry and simple…no Cheetos please :))

• Your remaining session fees (check or cash).

Need color ideas? heres how to get started