How To Prepare For Your Shoot - YouShine™ Contemporary Portraiture



What to Wear for your Contemporary YouShine™ Portraiture:


Bring 4-5 different outfits.

Choose a variety of styles.  Try and bring outfits in different colors and moods.

Something light and ethereal, something sexy, something dark and why not?.... Even something epic.  This is your chance to take a moment to think: how would I like to be photographed?  Mine was to be wearing a winter-white saree and a big bindi.  If you are wearing an ethnic outfit, lets chat so I can prepare for it.

This is your self-expression.  Go for it, express your true self and let your inner beauty shine…keeping in mind though:

·      Fit your form:  curve-hugging outfits, especially tops, photograph well.  Billowy tops with winged sleeves are flattering in person but the camera does not like them.

·      Bring outfits in different necklines.  This will bring variety to your photos.  Majority of the shoot will be done above the breast-line so bigger the neck variety, better the photo variety. 

·      Bring outfits with textures.  Bring sumptuousness through lace, chiffon, beadwork, embroidery…mostly tone on tone.  Avoid high contrast prints and patterns.  Celebrate you… not a brand.. so logos are a no-no.

·      Do you want to use one of the outfits for personal branding?  If you want, wear a fitted blazer but forego the shoulder pads or instead try a cardigan or a sheath dress.

·      Flatter your arms.  Aren’t photos all about arms for most of us?  Varying sleeve length is a great way to add diversity to your looks. If arms feature first (to avoid in your mind), then wear something with ¾ sleeve or drape a wrap with just a hint of skin showing through.

·      Underpinnings are all very necessary, be it a strapless bra in nude and/or black, black bra for dark clothing, nude bra for other clothing, shape-wear for concealing…bring it all.

·      Accessorize.  Bring jewelry, scarves, wraps, hair accessories to complete the outfit.


If your children/daughters are joining at the end, coordinate one of your outfits with theirs.  Easiest is either black or beige for all.


And Most Importantly:  It is all about a celebration.  Celebration of you!  Make your outfits and accessories timeless.

Do not stress over this.  I typically have many options of jewelry and accessories in my studio to make most outfits work.  I am happy to discuss them via photos or even stop by in person.  I want you to have fun and relax.  So just call me.  I am here!


How to prepare:

Be sure to completely plan your outfits several days before your photoshoot. Try on each outfit, including underwear and accessories, and make sure everything fits.

·      Check for visible panty lines and bra straps.

·      Hair-color needs touching up?  Eyebrows need shaping?  Nails need touching up?  Do all that a couple days before the shoot.

·      Do laundry. Remove lint and press if needed. Tighten all bra straps for some extra lift.

·      Polish your jewels. Wedding rings and other jewelry should sparkle.

·      Get organized. Group coordinate pieces of each ensemble together on the same hanger. Example: top + bottom + bra + necklace.

·      Do not worry much about shoes.  Most shoots are for the top half.


Day of the Shoot:

·      Arrive comfortable. Wear a comfy outfit to your photo shoot. This is what you’ll be wearing during styling, so choose something easy to remove without messing up your hair or smearing your makeup.

·      Arrive with washed and un-styled hair.  Do not put any spray or mousse in your hair.  Your children can arrive fully dressed!

·      Arrive make up free.  If you prefer or are allergic, please bring your own foundation and mascara.

·      Be well rested the night before and be prepared for a nice long relaxing session.


Getting there:

Arrive a few minutes early and lay out your outfits.

While you are getting hair and make up done, I will be thinking of the overall look with your outfits and coordinating it with backdrops.


During the shoot:

We will shoot several shots with multiple poses in each outfit.  There may be some awkward bending, standing, craning directions from me.  No worries…it is all to get the most beautiful shots of you!  So be prepared to give me a genuine smile through your eyes.


And then:

My real work begins…I review and edit all the shots.

In approximately two weeks after the shoot, we will arrange for an in person reveal and ordering session of your photos.


I hope you are as excited as I am for this celebration of you!