My Photography Journey:

Sitting crossed legged with arms in anjali mudra, I hear the voice of my Yoga instructor Arthur Ashe once said: "Start where you are.  Use what you have. Do what you can”.

Just a week later, my home state of NewJersey got hit with hurricane Sandy.  After the initial outpouring of food, water and clothing were done, I wanted to help with money.  What I had was the will, a camera and a desire to do what I could. I offered my passion for photography for family portraits in exchange for donations to a Sandy Charity of Choice.  And KapuPatel Photography was born. Since its inception, I have been fortunate to be able to do what I love while supporting a different charity with each program.

Otherwise, I am one in a family of four, am nourished by my passion for clicks and, supported by the other three in all that is involved.  My husband and friend is my travel companion on all those trips for the travel blog.  My two kids are my sky watchers who come in excited while playing outside (when little…now they say that when driving around :)) and encourage me with “Mom, the sky is beautiful! You should go to the lake” or help me carry my camera gear when my shoulder does not cooperate.

After hanging up my Pharmaceutical Research lab-coat part time, I became a perpetual student, learning my way through the ever-changing world of digital photography.  I love the art of photography and digital media enough to make myself a lifelong learner. I continue to expand my learning through classes at Creative Live and my women's portraiture work is fed by Sue Bryce, the imminent women's photographers Education Portal. My practice of Yoga, current Yoga Teacher Training and attendance at Yoga photography workshops (It was an honor to take one with Robert Sturman) helps make a deeper connection with my Yogi clients.  I  love capturing the beauty of my natural surroundings and use those photos for supporting local charitable causes. You can travel with me at ItchyFeetDiaries or Contact me to purchase prints of my photography. I enjoy taking portraits of all my clients with a special fondness for Women's portraiture, Prom teens, Yogis and Musicians. When I am not out taking pictures, I spend my time on the internet learning my way around the digital media maze, dreaming about being a yoga teacher, cooking,  baking and hanging out with my family and friends.

As a socially responsible business, parts of our proceeds are contributed to some of the causes we support to ensure that our vision of providing every individual with a chance to radiate their inner Lotus blossoms.