The YouShine Movement™ is a project that seeks to exhibit beauty as freedom from indulgent labels, the pre-conceived notions of symmetry and color tones and perhaps even an armor of makeup or the clothes and brands we wear. It urges us all as individuals and as a society at large, to liberate ourselves and others from feature shaming, body shaming and color shaming. It is a movement of self-love and self-acceptance with all our perfect imperfections. It is my vision to take this movement far and wide. The inspiring words from each of our campaign participants may touch someone at a moment in time they need it the most. If you have a gallery space that can bring this message to many on a daily basis, I would love to bring this to you. There are many campaigns we are working on but currently two campaigns under The YouShine Movement™ are ready to be on the road:

  • Portraits of Beauty - A Teen Perspective

  • The Face Campaign

Bodies That Tell Stories - The Body Campaign

The YouShine Movement™presents - Bodies That Tell Stories.

Kick starting this powerful campaign is the very inspiring Sara Cooper of the Cooper Creative Group. We had the wonderful opportunity to meet her and photograph her and hear her brave words. She is not going to be defined as someone who is depressed because she has ALS. She is going to do everything in her power to bring awareness and most importantly, push for advancements in treatment for this disease.

Sara has made it her mission to #LetsKickSomeALS. You can be a part of this too! Check out her Go Fund Me Page here:

Sara is the 2019 Impact Award Winner for the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber Women of Achievement Awards.

See some of Sara’s beautiful portraits and hear her words on what her mission is and how she chooses to travel through her life with a purpose.

Portraits of Beauty - A Teen Perspective

teen campaign

“What makes you one of a kind beautiful?” This is the question that we asked 12 young teens (girls and boys). The Teen Campaign 2019 follows in the footsteps of The Face Campaign 2018 that marked the official debut of The YouShine Movement™ by KapuPatel Photography.

12 brave teen participants (boys and girls) who believe in the power of inner beauty as much as outer shine became a part of this powerful and thought provoking exhibit. The selection was based upon the essay submissions to the above question and the drive to be part of this powerful message of self-awareness and self-love. The selected 12 applicants were photographed completely make-up free for the Campaign. Hear them speak on what they think about beauty and see their portraits where they reveal their truest, bravest selves.

This exhibit is now ready to be on the road. Interested?

The Face Campaign


"Be Who You Are: You Don’t Have To Be Somebody For Anybody"

The Face Campaign 2018 marks the official debut of The YouShine Movement™ by KapuPatel Photography.

12 women were professionally photographed, completely make-up free. These women lit up in the portraits and described beauty in powerful words such as “confidence”, “showing up real”, and “inner self”. Kapu’s vision is to take this movement far and wide and to spread this message of self-love and self-acceptance in every individual.

This exhibit is now ready to travel. Interested in participating or exhibiting at your gallery?

Here are some images from our past exhibitions:

Are you inspired by The YouShine Movement™? Write to us and let us know how this movement has inspired you or moved you. We want to hear from you.

The Face Campaign and The Teen Campaign exhibits are now ready to travel and if you know of a suitable space and/or if you are interested in exhibiting it yourself at your commercial space, please fill out the form below and get in touch with us here:

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At KapuPatel Photography we truly believe in providing an opportunity for an empowering session with us to those who need it the most.

In 2018 we were honored to host women of resilience from Sakhi (

Here are some of the images that we created for them: